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The participants are buckled in on both sides.
This allows them to stand up but not fall forward.
As all materials are stretchy, the participant can do everything wrong, even loop the kite
and will be gently slowed down.

Free from fear, the participant learns
very quickly and with a lot of fun. 

So anyone without goal experience can safely
try out or learn kitesurfing directly on the water.

More Benefits of the KITETRAINER

  • More customers

    • Try out Customers​

    • Youth

    • Groups

    • Families

    • less risk willing

  • More revenue

  • ROI after 60h of
    additional use 

  • Longer Season

  • Less cancelled courses

    • independent of wind direction​

    • less wind and more wind still teachable

    • smaller waves, tides still teachable

  • Strong USP

    • better and cheaper Marketing ​

  • Safer for

    • student​

    • other kiters

    • environment

    • beach visitors​

  • Faster learning

    • complex movements split up ​

    • more tries per hour

    • safe environment

    • instant Feedback

    • less exhausting 

  • Happier customers

    • learning is easier, faster & more reliable​

    • Trying out finally possible

    • Less Risk / Injuries

    • better Feedback

  • Happier Team

    • Less cancellations​

    • easier to teach scared students

    • More income

    • less organisation 

    • less shouting at far away student

    • less walking in water 

    • less risk of injury 

    • Less responsibility

  • Great offer during wind and waves when other activities are cancelled

  • No perfect spot needed

  • Can be used on high frequency beaches 

  • Eye catcher and novelty

  • Ready to handle increased interest after Kitesurfing goes Olympic 2024

  • Affordable entry into teaching Kitesurfing

  • Trendsetter 

  • Low Maintainance

  • Long living material

  • patented

  • Great way to keep spots from closing

  • Preexisting personell can be used after workshop

  • Youth can be prepared for Olympia

    • to light to safely learning the traditional way ​


Corona-compliant rules for beginners' training are documented and guaranteed!

Minimum distance:

  • A minimum distance of 1.5m can be guaranteed on the Kitetrainer during all exercises, when handing over the kite & when securing the student.

Masks are mandatory:

  • As there is no contact with water, so the wearing of masks is possible without problems.


  • The transfer of the bar takes place contactless and can be easily disinfected by the next student or Instructor.

  • Wetsuits are not necessary and you can wear your own clothes.

Customer behaviour:

  • The Kitetrainer is the safest way to learn kitesurfing! The student is safely strapped in and can make all mistakes from the first moment on without risk of injury.

All rules are observed and can be guaranteed. Therefore an opening of the kite school is the most likely. Penalties and closure can also be avoided.


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