There is nearly nothing that is worse for a kiteschool than having to cancel a course because the wind is to strongto light or from the wrong direction.
This results in dissapointed customers and instructors sitting around and a massive organisational effort to reschedule the courses. 
But it doesnt have to be...
The Kitetrainer enables kiteschools to teach with way less,-
and way more wind aswell as wind from any direction.


Make sure that your kiteschool is able to teach when your competitors cant!

If you want more clients and a higher turnover?

The Kitetrainer is the ideal tool to expand your customer base.

So far only very risk taking, sporty adults able to learn kitesurfing.
Now even families with kids will be able to safely try out and learn kitesurfing. 


Watersport Center

You´re offering watersports but no kitesurfing yet, because you don´t have the right spot? Or maybe all the different equipment and maintainance is to expensive?

The Kitetrainer will be the best and most affordable start into teaching kitesurfing.

No matter the spot you will be able to offer perfect beginner conditions.


Never again send customers away because you cant offer kitesurfing.

Benefit from a younger and bigger customer group which can be reached through social media and is waiting to try out kitesurfing.

The best thing is you don´t even need new personnel! 
Your existing staff can visit a workshop and get a online seminar and can start teaching on the Kitetrainer in less than a week.

Hotels & Clubs

Your hotel or club is not just a place to stay, 
but you also want to offer high action and sports to your visitors.
However when there is wind and waves nearly all beach and water sports are less fun.

Add a great trendsport to your offer by having people try out kitesurfing on the Kitetrainer. Millions of people want to try out kitesurfing, yet they can´t.

Create a strong USP for your hotel or club by offering your guests
an extrem sport in an extrem safe environment.  

Offering try-out one hour courses for 6 people (10 min each) at 25€
will already  refinance the Kitetrainer after 60h of use.


Kitesurf Beginner

Everyone who thought about trying out kitesurfing knows its not easy right now.
First of all one has to be willing to take risks, be sporty and an adult.

As a beginner mistakes with the kite can turn into dangerous
situations for you or others. So trying out Kitesurfing for a
few minutes and getting a feel for the sport is not possible.
Therefore you need to have the time and money to take a multiple day course. 

Now the wind has to blow from the perfect direction and be strong enough but not to strong.

We believe trying out and learning kitesurfing needs to be easier and more efficient.

The Kitetrainer will enable you to get a feel for the kite from minute one of your course.
Since you´re safely connected to the Kitetrainer you are able to make all the mistakes
(even loop the Kite) without endangering yourself or others.

In this safe and efficient environment you will learn very fast and reliable.


More Benefits of the KITETRAINER

  • More customers

    • Try out Customers​

    • Youth

    • Groups

    • Families

    • less risk willing

  • More revenue

  • ROI after 60h of
    additional use 

  • Longer Season

  • Less cancelled courses

    • independent of wind direction​

    • less wind and more wind still teachable

    • smaller waves, tides still teachable

  • Strong USP

    • better and cheaper Marketing ​

  • Safer for

    • student​

    • other kiters

    • environment

    • beach visitors​

  • Faster learning

    • complex movements split up ​

    • more tries per hour

    • safe environment

    • instant Feedback

    • less exhausting 

  • Happier customers

    • learning is easier, faster & more reliable​

    • Trying out finally possible

    • Less Risk / Injuries

    • better Feedback

  • Happier Team

    • Less cancellations​

    • easier to teach scared students

    • More income

    • less organisation 

    • less shouting at far away student

    • less walking in water 

    • less risk of injury 

    • Less responsibility

  • Great offer during wind and waves when other activities are cancelled

  • No perfect spot needed

  • Can be used on high frequency beaches 

  • Eye catcher and novelty

  • Ready to handle increased interest after Kitesurfing goes Olympic 2024

  • Affordable entry into teaching Kitesurfing

  • Trendsetter 

  • Low Maintainance

  • Long living material

  • patented

  • Great way to keep spots from closing

  • Preexisting personell can be used after workshop

  • Youth can be prepared for Olympia

    • to light to safely learning the traditional way ​